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From:"Bernice Frederick"

Well said Claire.
I'm in Chicago so the city will see 9 or so though I could have ice skated
here on the layer of sleet and slush on the sidewalks. I live in the far
south burbs so not so much (this time). We're still hanging on- glad I take
public transport.
Kemlo- send the ark!

Bernice Frederick HTL (ASCP)
Northwestern University
Pathology Core Facility
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Up here in Illinois near the Wisconsin border - we're expecting 12-14 
inches of snow, and most of the staff have been allowed to go home.   I 
just read that Hawaii has had the worst rainfall in decades, 12" of rain 
in 24 hours in Hilo - still not enough to extinguish the volcano, tho. 
(Yes, I am kidding about the volcano).

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"'Ingles Claire'" 
RE: [Histonet] OT: the weather

We across the pond are constructing an Ark; there's enough rain to float 
and enough wind to give it the kinetic energy it requires.

I blame......

The no smoking policy.

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Hey guys:
I don't know about you, but I'm really beginning to wonder about the
weather. Anyway- everyone in the southern states, especially Arkansas, 
there? I gripe about the snow this year, but geez. How bad was the damage
from the tornadoes down in that area. Just thinking of everyone, and 
all is well with everyone. Stay warm/dry/unburnt/etc. You bunch from 
the pond can send us your extra show shovels and inflatable rafts. 
you could put us up if it gets too bad over here? :)

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