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Things were Scary here in TN, especially when a natural gas pumping
station exploded!
Here's a link for anyone interested:

Thanks To everyone who checked on us (including Claire, via histonet).
My family was fortunately not directly affected, but my thoughts and
prayers are with the many who were.

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Thanks for asking Claire.   The count now is 13 people dead from the
tornadoes that tore through the state late yesterday and last night.   A
lot of wind damage to the communities in several Arkansas counties.
And many are without electric power.   

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Hey guys:
I don't know about you, but I'm really beginning to wonder about the
weather. Anyway- everyone in the southern states, especially Arkansas,
still there? I gripe about the snow this year, but geez. How bad was the
damage from the tornadoes down in that area. Just thinking of everyone,
and hoping all is well with everyone. Stay warm/dry/unburnt/etc. You
bunch from across the pond can send us your extra show shovels and
inflatable rafts. Anywhere you could put us up if it gets too bad over
here? :) Claire

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