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The "Histology grade" label on solvents is not at all demeaning; it just notes that that bottle of solvent is fit for use in histology.  Histology grade xylene is a mixture of 3 different xylenes and ethylbenzene: it clears tissue beautifully, but the extra absorption peaks would be a real pain in a solvent for spectroscopy, GC, or HPLC. Ethanol denatured with kerosene is a good solvent for organic reactions because kerosene is not very reactive, but its lack of miscibility with water is disastrous in a histology lab.

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Some manufacturers qualify a solvent that is NOT chemically pure (not good for chemical quantitative analytical purposes) BUT "pure enough" to be used in histology, specially for processing or staining.
  I have always taken exception to this "histology grade" issue because it is somewhat demeaning, as if what we do do not deserve a good quality reagent grade chemical. Those are the standard to prepare our stock staining solutions that should be as pure as possible, especially when silver staining is involved.
  So, "histology grade" reagent is one that we can use, but that a chemist "should not".
  René J.

Mark Elliott  wrote:
  Good Friday Morning to everyone.-YEAHHH!! It's been one of those weeks:(

I was asked by someone about this and not sure what the answer is.

"I have a quick question for you regarding histology grade solvents. Many
companies use this as a grade but is there an official specification for
this grade? If so, could you direct me to the document."

Any ideas??



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