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From:Rene J Buesa

Tell that to those writing the regulations. The rationale being that fumes could be trapped between the cornea and the contact lens causing irritations and potentially damaging the cornea.
  René J.

"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"  wrote:
  Using contact lenses forbidden!!!

You can't be serious.


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For your information: smoking, drinking and eating, applying cosmetics, or even using contact lens are ABSOLUTELY prohibited in a medical histology laboratory setting.
Should I imply by your question that you do not work in a medical lab. setting? Some universities and animal labs have been able to get away with ignoring those regulations up to now, but not any medical lab. that even have to have designated lounge areas.
René J. wrote:
Dare I ask this question,
Does anyone use closed topped and safety mugs at their microtome station when cutting slides...etc.? Would cutting paraffin blocks constitute Blood Borne Pathogen concerns? I fully understand not eating while paraffin is flying all over the place......but closed containers with coffee for those of us who work sleep deprived hours? Someone save us!


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