[Histonet] citrisolce and H&E quality, help please?

From:"Madary, Joseph"

Hey histo experts(I used to think I was one, but I gave it up), Okay I
started working part time in this lab that has been empty for a couple
of months. Stuff sitting in barely enough NBF. They do not have much to
work with as far as getting me a bunch of new stuff right now, even
expendables.  So I combined the stuff in the 2 processors, and rotated a
couple of alcohols, clearing, paraffins, and did a run, cut and
everything was fine except I had to use a xylene sub.  My problem is I
used an aliquot of hematoxylin from a batch I had been using with
success, and made of fresh eosin and the stains just looked average.
Little eosin phloxine pick up and yes I used acetic but most did not
even pick up.  The only difference in what I did at this new place is
the new place uses citrisolve in all the processing, depar, thru
coverslipping.  I found enough xylene to use for covering, but I was
just not happy with the stain.  And all the stain line reagents were
from new containers.  I opened up new everything.  I have not used Hemo
de since the 80's.  I hate subs personally.  Terpenes are a neurotoxin
and although I cannot do much more damage and would like to use the 5
neurons I have left, one for processing, embedding, cutting, staining
and coffee breaks.  So can this citrisolve stuff be the problem?  Can
even processing in it and depar mean I need to use something different
for my HE, times, formulas?  I am frustrated to say the lease, but I
just started so I have time to figure things out.  In the meantime any
help would be appreciated.



Histology Mgr, Medimmune

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