[Histonet] Perl's Prussian blue Iron stain

From:Ryan Dominique Salazar

Hi everyone,
  Please help me on Iron staining. These are my questions:
  -do I need to stain quickly after heating in the hot plate?
  -very pale nuclear fast red (Sigma) stain.
  -Is this OK for my working solution?
  Hydrochloric Acid-Potassium Ferrocyanide Solution
  2% hydrochloric acid --------------------------------------------        20.0 ml
  1% potassium ferrocyanide -------------------------------------          20.0 ml

        Prepare just before use and discard after use.
  -my positive control is liver, but it seems the stain is pale, do I need to change my procedure?
                 3 changes of xylene (3 min each)
                 3 changes of abs. ETOH (3 min @)
                 70% ETOH
                 80% ETOH
                 HCl-K Ferrocyanide Working solution (30 min)
                 5 changes of distilled water
                 Nuclear fast red (3 min)
                 3 changes of distilled water
                 70% ETOH 3 dips
                 80% ETOH 3 dips
                 3 changes of Abs. ETOH (3 dips @)
                 3 changes of xylene (3 dips each)
                 Mount with entellan
  -Please provide for me any procedures/techniques
  Thanks fo your big help. Your advice regarding the brain tissue section works well.

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