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Okay, a few questions/concerns about iron staining. I am trying to help a
tech who has never done histology before, do the Prussian blue and Turnbull
stains for iron. These should detect the ferrous or ferric iron in most any
tissues that contain it correct? The PI wants to see what, if anything shows
up in some rat jejunum sections. She's only run one test run with liver as a
control. This is our first go a iron stains, so we weren't sure about what
tissue to use as a control. I was going to have her try spleen since neither
the liver or the gi tissues worked. Of course we are assuming that the stain
worked as it should anyway. So for someone starting fresh, what tissue would
you suggest as a possible control? We don't have any tissue that we know
contains hematochromatosis or hemosiderosis like my books say. Another tech
took it upon himself to do some research and found a paper that has now made
them think that these stains only work on tissue with conditions like these.
Am I correct in thinking that this is not true, only that these have more
iron for the stain to detect? 


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