[Histonet] IL1 KO mouse and cytokines in neurons

From:"Leyva-Grado, Victor"

 Dear Histonetters,
I'm working with mice brains and virus infection. I evaluate the
presence of cytokines in the olfactory bulb and found that with the
antibody I'm using R&D for TNF and Millipore (Chemicon) for IL1b not
only some glial cells are stained but also some neurons are stained.
However, the production of cytokines in neurons is for some people
controversial and I have been asked for the reviewers to characterize
the antibodies I'm using including doing IHC on brain tissues of KO
mice, so I have two questions: Have you ever have the experience with
neurons being immunoreactive to TNF alpha or IL1 beta? I'm using DAB
staining and double label with NeuN. I know that Jackson Labs have a TNF
KO strain, but do you know of any Lab that has the IL1 beta KO's? I know
they're not comercially available. Thanks a lot.

Victor Leyva 
Washington State University


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