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From:"Bryan Hewlett"

I agree!!
That would just leave the duration of fixation in NBF as the major issue!


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Speaking of formalin...did anyone go through the new HER2 guidlines for 
breast.  They just re-enforce my belief that it would serve ALL of us best 
if we could stay with formalin as our fixative and concentrate on things 
like recycling it rather than on formalin substitutes.  Fixation in anything 
other than formalin can create issues with so many tests down the line.  If 
we all used formalin, we could freely send our blocks to each other with 
less worry from testing variations due to differing fixation.

Just My Opinion,

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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I agree with you Joseph.  We may have to take safety precautions with 
formalin.  But, at least we know that.  I worry about other reagents (new 
formalin substitutes) only because we don't and won't know the effects until 
some time has gone by.  Formalin is easy to neutralize as well.  It's like 
many other things that must be handled properly.  I understand the idea 
about limiting exposure by not recycling, but there is a down side as well. 
Somebody (environmental services personnel, e.g.)has to handle the formalin 
you are not recycling, so you've only shifted the exposure.  If you have 
your financial people (beancounters) perform a cost analysis recyclers 
generally end up paying for themselves over a set period of time.  This is 
doubly green, in both an environmental and fiscal sense.
Tom J.

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Seems like a couple of folks are against recycling, but in reality it
does save money, and reduce the stress we place on Earth.  As far as
exposure, it can be minimized if we use proper safety techniques.  I saw
someone said we buy formalin to reduce out exposure, and although I
cannot argue with that, we use it because there are no substitutes out
there that we feel are better than NBF.

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