Re: [Histonet] New Microwave Cap Regulation

From:Rene J Buesa

  "Kitchen" MW ovens are designed to be used in the kitchem and at this moment any inspector will be quite "shocked" to find a kitchen MW used for laboratory tasks.
  They cannot be vented, although some people circumvent this issue by placing the oven inside the fumes hood.
  For lab tasks a lab designed (and factory prepared to be vented) oven has to be used, "no buts or ifs"!
  René J.

Stacey Burton  wrote:
  I am curious to know how labs have responding to the CAP Question ANT.29430 which asks "Are microwave devices properly vented?".
Have the labs continued to utilized their regular "kitchen model" microwaves and applied duct work to them to be vented out of the building?
Please comment.

Thank you,
Stacey Burton, H.T. ASCP
Precision Pathology Services
San Antonio Texas

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