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However, if you need some information right now, if they are fixed in formaldehyde before going in the sucrose, they will keep for months, but to some degree depending on what you want to do with them.  Antigenicity might change, Nissl staining won't.  

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  You know that the circumstances vary from lab to lab. In your case I would do as follows: instead on relying on somebody elses experience on the subject, I woul keep one mouse brain in sucrose for 4 days (under my specific set of circumstances and environment characteristics) and determine what happens.
  Just a thought.
  René J.

Kimberly Johnson  wrote:
  Hello Histonet!
I have a quick question for you mouse brain people out there who have been so very helpful to me in the past. I usually keep my brains in 30% sucrose for 2 days, then freeze them for sectioning. Would I ruin them if I kept them in the sucrose for 4 days? I am trying to get out of coming in on the weekend, so all you input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!


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