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Can't your legacy be "differentiate until it looks right"?  If I recall
right (and that is a question in it's self) when the color stops running
off the slide the differentiation is complete.  To go any further you
will decolorize the gram-positive thingy bobs.

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I seem to do a lot of GRAM stains and although I've modified some of the
times to suit my pathologists' tastes, I have never been able to pin
down the first differentiation time in 100% alcohol.  Today, I'm using
10 quick dips although it's only because the wind is blowing and the
moon is on the rise.  Can someone give me a more specific guideline for
differentiating after the Gram's Iodine and before the Safranin? I'd
like to leave a more definite legacy when I retire than "differentiate
in 100% alcohol or acetone"...  I'm thankin' you in advance.  And I
think we all know who the Purple Haze Generation are on THIS media,
don't we???


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