[Histonet] Stain for cerebral blood vessels

From:Laura Harris

Dear Histonet,

I'm a molecular biologist working at the University of Cambridge, UK. I
was wondering if anyone could recommend a histochemical stain that would
work for cerebral blood vessels, preferably in frozen sections? I've
been trying alkaline phosphatase staining but with mixed results.
Would a collagen stain like Fast Green FGF work in isolation (rather
than as part of a trichrome stain)?

It doesn't need to be completely specific for vessels, as long as they
are clearly visible. The other point is that is needs to be as quick and
simple as possible, as I need to extract protein from the tissue
afterwards. Immunostaining is no good for this application. All 
suggestions welcome as I will probably need to test several things to 
find one that works.

Best wishes, Laura Harris

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