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From:Rene J Buesa

Usually paraffin of low melting point is appreciated as sticky. It could be that you have received a batch of lower than usual melting point, or that your paraffin is being contaminated with the antemedium. Also higher than usual temperatures in the sectioning area causes the paraffin to appear sticky.
  René J.

"Inman, Anna"  wrote:
  Happy Friday Histonetters! 
Recently, our techs have been encountering what is termed here as
"sticky paraffin." It is sticking more than usual to the embedder and
more importantly to the cutters and creating difficulties at the
microtome. We are also encountering much more scratchy tissue that will
not ribbon appropriately and I am not sure if the problems are related
(maybe a processing issue or entirely separate issues??). It is not
everyday but seems to be increasingly worse. 
We are using Richard Allen Type 9 media. The question has been posed
...should we be using a paraffin with less polymers? 
Could the sticky paraffin be a result of the weather (air too dry?) 

Any thoughts? 

Thank you all for your help! 

Anna Inman, HT(ASCP)
Clinical Resource Specialist
SMH Pathology

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