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Hi Rich,

I completely agree with your final sentence.
However, complete in-house standardization of IHC testing (HER2, EGFr, ER, 
PR, CD20, CD117, etc.),
absolutely has to include standardization of the in-house fixation and 
Only once this has been achieved, and the controls in use are prepared in a 
truly similar manner to the test material,
will we be able to have a standardized IHC test!
Anything less means that we will continue to be shooting at a wildly moving 

Best regards,

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As we move forward with standardization in IHC testing (HER2, EGFr, ER, PR, 
CD20, CD117, etc.), we really need to start thinking about using control 
tissue (including TMAs) fixed and processed in your own laboratory. 
Although useful for proficiency testing, results obtained on someone else's 
tissue will not completely validate your testing.


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Hello all -

Does anyone know of a source to order ER controls for IHC    --  other than
Pantomics in California?   Ideally  I'm looking for an array that would
contain a strong (3+), moderate (2+), and low/negative (1+) representation.

Thanks for any help!

Barb Moe
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
La Crosse WI

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