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From:Larry Woody

Once there was an artist standing in front of a car with the hood up staring at the engine. Along came a Histotech and he asked the artist what he was doing. The artist replied I need to add some oil to the engine but I don't have a funnel. The Histotech right away offered up by saying he had one in his trunk that he normally used for measuring out alcohol, ect. Well the funnel turned out to be too large so they waited for the tow driver/mechanic to arrive. Once he got there he pulled out a funnel the same size as the one they had already tried so of course they told him it was too large to which he just smiled and said OK as he put it in the hole. Turns out the artist and the Histotech were trying to put the funnel in the hole where the dipstick went, so yes we are very much like artists.

"Poteete, Jacquie A."  wrote:  Who says there is no art in science?

Jacquie Poteete MT(ASCP)QIHC
Lead Technologist, IHC Laboratory
Saint Francis Hospital
Tulsa, OK

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ALL histonet friends, 

Who are interested in an "artform" known as "Histotechnology". 

Rather than beg the point of Hippocrates or the comments of Lettered
Professors.........I would go on record as saying I am the oldest among
you who aspires to observe and admire the beauty that is hidden in the
most minute of natures gifts. The beauty of humming bird feathers. The
opalescence of a butterfly egg. A germ cell in mitosis. Polarized light
refracted from a thin ground specimen. ALL of nature, as revealed throug
the naked eye, or microscopic view, holds beauty and "art" in it's hand.
And, when the "hand" prepares this gift for viewing it is indeed an
artisans hand. Behold the Gomori trichrome with added aldehyde fuchsin
to separate elastic fibers or beta cells of the pancreas. Tell me
now.... is this not an artform given by the gifted hands of an
artist?????? Beauty, indeed, is within the eyes of the beholder and I am
pleased to have the gift of eyes.

May I refer you to a web site that will "blow you away"

My friend Klaus Kemp prepares slides that are each an art offering with
a palate of natures gifts. The likes of these have not been seen since
the late 19 century when time permitted a "micro-artform" to be the
ultimate discovery and appreciation/expression of natures secrets. 

Do Take a Look and "hold your breath" It's amazing. 

I will be interested in your response,

J.B.McCormick, M.D.
Histotechnologist, first.
Pathologist of 60 years, second. 

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Worthwhile to clarify some words here.

Until fairly recently there wasn't any "Art with a capital A" -
paintings by 
some guy with a beret starving in a garret and poisoning himself with
lead and 
chromium and maybe cutting an ear off every now and then. In olden times
people called something an "art", all they meant was that it was a skill

someone had learned. The word needed is "craft". The distinction between
art" and "humble craft" is a recent one, and in my opinion one we'd all
be better 
off without.

Pathology, histotechnology, and in fact all of medicine are crafts,
along by varying amounts of science. 

A well known aphorism of Hippocrates (the half-legendary Greek physician
two thousand years ago) is that "life is short and art is long" (in
vita brevis, ars longa). In Hippocrates' original Greek the word "art"
is techne 
(skill or craft), and that's what the Latin means also. 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
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