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I see nothing wrong in being called an artist.
Artists if experts in their profession, use a great deal of science in
their art.
You are of course correct that what we do has a strong science footing
but if we merely view what we do as science then something is lost. 
If you do not wonder at the organization of cells and tissues, the color
during staining then you are missing one of the benefits of the job.
If you fail to see such beauty in your everyday work then please look at
some preparations of diatoms.
These were arranged in a painstaking but artistic fashion and also
provided a resolution check for objectives due to the uniformity of
their foramina.

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I second that Sally!  Both the artist and Joe parts.

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I work for three vet pathologists in a State lab.  My work has been
described by one tech, as rotating med tech students rotate through our
facility, as an "artist".  I find myself being very annoyed at this
description of what I do.  Although there is beauty in the end product
as far as colors go, what I do is a science.  I've never worked as hard
at anything as I did when I studied for my written/practical exam back
in 1969.  I sweat bullets!  I earned that "HT ASCP" that I'm proud to
add to my signature and calling me an "artist" is not complimentary as
far as I'm concerned.  And there's my two cents and Happy Monday to all!


I'm just happy that Joe is back...


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