Re: [Histonet] staining collagen

From:"Barbara Bublava"

hi Marc,

pikro-aniline blue:

add 0,5g Anilinblue or methylenblue to 500ml  saturated aquous solution of
picric acid.
everything else is done like van Gieson
Result: collagen, basement membranes and reticulin blue; cytoplasm yellow

John Kiernanīs book says reticulin and basement membranes are not stained if
you use indigocarmine (0,5 g in 200ml) collagen should be blue-green in this


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Dear Barbara

I am also interested in the protocol that you
have suggested. Would you please be so kind to
send me the protocol by mail?

Tnx in advance


Marc Tjwa

>You could use anilineblue instead of acid fuchsin. makes better contrast
>and is described in John Kiernans book
>tell me if you canīt find a protocol
>Barbara, Vienna
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>From: "Lobke De Bels" 
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>Subject: [Histonet] staining collagen
>Von Gieson gives a good contrast for the human eye, but the computer can't
>a difference between yellow/orange and red.
>If I only use acid fushine (or aniline) everything stains pink(blue).
>I have to find a way to stain the connective tissue so the computer can
>make a difference between connective tissue and the other tissue.
>The ideal should be a method that only stains collagen.
>Many thanks in advance for any help
>Lobke De Bels
>Department of Morphology
>Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
>Ghent University
>Salisburylaan 133
>9820 Merelbeke

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