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From:Laurie Reilly

Dear Dina and Histonetters,
Giemsa stain on tissue sections was used some time ago looking for 
Erhlichia canis  in dog tissues.
The method was to make a very weak Giemsa solution and stain overnight.
We used five drops of Giemsa in a Coplin jar of tap water ( ours is pH 5.5)
Differentiate next day in very weak acetic acid.

               Regards,  Laurie.

At 01:07 PM 22/02/2006 -0600, Johnson, Teri wrote:
>In my days in clinical labs, we did a May-Grunwald Giemsa stain on our
>bone marrow biopsies and particle preps. I'm with Dr. Richmond in that
>there the staining results from the Zenker's fixed material was second
>to none.  However, we were able to do a reasonably good job of it,
>provided the pathologists never had to pull archival slides to compare.
>That being said, I am happy to never go back to using it, what a pain!
>You might try using the M-G Giemsa technique and see how it works for
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