Re: [Histonet] Do you love your job?

From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

Perhaps Peggy is looking for a different spin on this type of work - many 
people aren't suited for histology.  If you can't stand the sight or smell 
of blood - you're not suited.  I have a sister who is an ER nurse - she 
doesn't mind debriding head wounds on people, yet to see a hysterectomy 
sample on my dissecting board brought her to dry heaves - - the only thing 
that ever really grossed me out was when I found 1/2 a shoe in my lab 
refer over a long weekend - of course it also contained 1/2 a foot.  My 
eldest daughter has a BS in biology, but could never work with animal 
tissues - it makes her cry.    In my opinion, the worst part about 
histology is the potential for chemical and biological exposure - yeah, 
you can take safeguards, but the risk is still there - let's face it, the 
odds of the general public being exposed to formaldehyde went away when 
they quit putting it in Mr. Bubble bubble bath - not to mention silver 
nitrate, chloroform, osmium tetroxide - the list goes on.   Other things 
that have bothered me over the last 35 years are fetal samples - but I'm a 
Mom.  Sometimes you have to not think about the patient behind the sample 
- it can get too depressing - on the other hand, I've learned more about 
anatomy and the process of disease that I would have ever learned anywhere 
else.  I think the key is asking a lot of questions if you have a 
pathologist who is willing to explain - I've been fortunate working with 
many pathologists who were terrific teachers.   I like my job - I'm proud 
of what I do.  I'm at the point in my life where I'm helping to find a 
cure for cancer instead of just seeing cancer specimens - and that's way 
cool.  It's a great and honorable profession, and someone has to do it. 
I'm glad to be a part of it.
Jackie O'

Rene J Buesa 
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Hi Peggy:
  What others love or hate about a job has no individual relevance at all. 
You will have to experience that feeling by yourself.
  If you have dexterity, if you like to cook, if you like to knit, if you 
like to innovate and experiment, if you have a good smell sense, if you 
enjoy colours, if you look at what you manually have done and feel proud 
about it, if you understand the importance of doing things to help others, 
if you don't mind working more than required just to make sure that what 
you are doing is finished correctly, if you like at least some of the 
aforesaid, you will like histotechnology, if not, you are in a wrong 
switch from your previous activities.
  At least, those are some of the things I love; there are more, and what 
I don't like mostly are things related with human nature, and those you 
will find and hate in any profession.
  Hope this will give you an idea!
  rené J.

Peggy Brask  wrote:
  I am a second semester student at Argosy University in the HT program. I
was wondering what the pros and cons are in the Histonet world. I have 
in the service industry in one form or another for the last 30 years. This
is a total diversion from my past life and I would like to know what you
love about your job and what you hate about your job. If anyone would like
to give me some input, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Peggy

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