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I don't understand exactly what you mean by "doing the pathologist's
job".  CLIA '88 deals mostly with management requirements and
professional qualifications for "high complexity testing".  Histotechs,
in general, do not fall under these rules.  I can't see why CLIA would
re-write the rules.  If you can give me some clarification, I may be
able to answer you better. 

Charles Embrey PA(ASCP) 

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Subject: [Histonet] Need the CLIAA 88 website link

 Could somebody send me a link to the CLIAA 88 rules? I just got the
questions for our CAP list and would like to put a copy in my SOP. I
read the CLIAA 88 rules. Is it just me, but do they need to re-write
rules for histo techs? Sounds so vague and I'm sure on down the road,
techs will start demanding to be paid more for doing the pathologists
Thank you in advance.


Heather A. Harper

Supervisor of Histology

Naval Hospital

Pensacola, FL 32512

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