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From:"Julia Dahl"

Thank you Joyce for your understanding of the issues at hand with the 
discrepant handling of MUEs for the people doing the procedure and those of 
us involved in making the diagnosis on the tissue procured from the 

If the MUE for a biopsy is TEN - then the MUE for the pathology services on 
biopsies should be TEN, not two.

Yes, healthcare costs are rising and do need to be curtailed, blanket 
reduction in pathology services reimbursement out of proportion to other 
specialties - claiming that anything beyond two biopsies on a single patient 
on a single day are "unbelievable edits" so far outside the standard of care 
as to be considered equivalent to a typographical error is heinous.

Every patient with chronic diarrhea, iron deficiency anemia, dysphagia, 
Barrett's esophagus, inflammatory bowel disease NEEDS to have more than two 
sites biopsied FOR the standard of care;  every man with an elevated PSA, 
every woman with multiple breast lumps needs to have more than two sites 
biopsies FOR the standard of care to be maintained.

Again, Joyce, thank you.  The MUEs for pathology are not the answer to the 
current ails of the American Medical system.

Julia Dahl, M.D.

>This is true, but it should be a fair thing. Why should a dermatologist
>collect for 10 reimbursements and the pathologist only two of those ten?
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>One way or another, we must cut spending.  Health care costs are out of
>control (16% of our economic output is consumed by health care).  Our
>country cannot continue down this path.
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>Hello Folks--
>   There is another issue we should consider a call to paper the Senate
>with letters stating our opinions....The AFIP faces closure due to
>realignment by base closures (BRAC)--this includes the pathology center
>AND the school!!  We've lost so many good schools, and the AFIP is among
>the best.  There is a bill to relocate core services of the AFIP to
>another center and the link below provides an easy way to write you your
>senator in support of this bill:
>   Please take a minute to show your support for our science on MUE
>billing (Peggy's email of earlier today),AFIP closure, and two
>additional issues threatening continued viability of lab science in this
>country.  The form is easy to fill out, and you can forward the link to
>several friends once you submit your letter (it will give you another
>pop-up for sharing the letter once you click to submit yours) to
>increase the impact of our unified voice.  This link will lead you to
>both letters and you can send it by email or snail mail:
>   Thank you for your continued interest and support tp maintain
>visibility and viability of our craft.  Together we DO make a
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