[Histonet] bx sponges VS no bx sponges

From:"Santana, Diane"

I have a question to put out there....
 In the past I have had a problem with dry artifact on my bx tissue. I
finally straighten it out with the help of all you histo netters. Yet every
so often it comes up again, only 1 or 2 cases. (compared to LOTS) Anyway for
the last several weeks, I have had no problems....none. Than yesterday I
could tell I was going to have problems as I was cutting. Now here's the
question...... For the last couple weeks, one of my pathologist has been
gone, now he is back and when he gross's he never uses the blue bx sponges.
When my other pathologist gross, she always uses them. The only difference
from the weeks past and yesterday is no bx sponges. Can this really be the
problem? I have a hard time thinking it, but its the only difference in the
times of problems and not. What do you guys think?
Diane Santana
Haverhill, Mass

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