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I do love the histology profession! I started in electron microscopy and did
that for over a decade, but as I was in a hospital lab, I ended up helping
out in the histology lab (never saw one before that - at least in a
hospital. I ended up leaving EM, mainly due to dearth of jobs in that field,
and have done everything from routine histology to histochemistry,
immunochemistry ISH, imaging, etc. I now work for a company that sells
antibodies and manufactures lab instruments, including an immunostainer. The
sky is the only limit to what you can do and where you can go in this
profession. Histonet gives a great example that there is an extraordinary
breadth of expericences to be had in this field. We are in great demand, and
we are limited only by our imagination. I thought I had done it all in the
lab -from diagnostics to research, but then I got into the business side of
it and a whole new world opened up - now instead of wishing "someone would
make such-and-such" I actually can get it made! And then I travel around the
country, indeed, the world, to help people learn to do this work! 

One thing I learned is that you have to move around to advance yourself.
Most labs are too small to support unending advancement. Therefore, you must
learn whatever there is to learn in a particular lab - forget about a job
description - do anything there is to do. That will broaden your horizons
and open up lots of opportunities. Then, when the job gets routine, and you
have reached the limit of what you can do there, move on and find a new

Good luck. I know you will have fun with it.

Tim Morken

  I am a second semester student at Argosy University in the HT program. I
was wondering what the pros and cons are in the Histonet world. I have been
in the service industry in one form or another for the last 30 years. This
is a total diversion from my past life and I would like to know what you
love about your job and what you hate about your job. If anyone would like
to give me some input, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Peggy

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