[Histonet] Laugh for the day

From:"Rebecca Barnhart"

I knew all the histonetters would enjoy this one.  I know I haven't been
able to stop chuckling to myself since.  We have 11th and 12th grade
students from the high school come to our hospital and go through each
of the departments to expose them to the different jobs in the hospital.
 Lately a lot of the students have been extremely interested in
histology which is great.  The student today was priceless.  After I
went through explaining all that we do, the student made the comment "Oh
it looks easy".  I said "really?".  Her response "Oh yeah this is stuff
I learned in 6th grade".  I explained that this is much more then a 6th
grade education.  Her attitude was not directed at histology alone but
the entire lab.  You have to love teenagers.

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