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From:"John Rynak"

   Yes a bit off the normal mark - Just posting for a friend -

   Clinical Laboratory - Molecular Cytogenetics

   Living  Microsystems  is  a  startup  company  in  Boston, MA, seeking
   exceptional  talent to introduce its non-invasive technology that will
   provide  women  with  accurate,  and  comprehensive  prenatal clinical
   knowledge in early pregnancy.

   We  are  currently  recruiting  a  team  to establish our Cytogenetics
   Laboratory.  We  are  looking  for  a  Director,  a Senior Scientist /
   Manager, and Cytogenetic Specialists.

   This  team  will  provide  fetal  diagnostic information by performing
   molecular  cytogenetic  analysis  of  maternal blood samples. The team
   will also be involved with development of next generation products and
   analytic  methods. Staff members will have experience in the following
   techniques: cell separation, FISH, PCR, DNA micro-arrays, computerized
   microscopy, cytogenetic analysis & scoring. Board certified candidates

   Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to:

   Human Resources

   Living Microsystems, Inc.

   8 St. Marys Street

   Boston, MA 02215

   Fax: (617) 353-1912

   Email: hr@livingmicrosystems.com
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