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Fellow Histonetters,

We are a large reference lab that processes various medical facilities tissues.  We have a new client that insists on using the small screened biopsy cassettes for every tissue type, including  breast, uterus, parotid gland etc.

We have ordered the appropriate routine cassettes with the slots for their large tissue but they refuse to use them and the quality of the resulting samples is sub-optimal at best.

Our patholgoist has volunteered to speak to them since most of Histology's requests fall on deaf ears.

Are there any articles and/or opinions on this issue?  I have been in the field for quite a few years and this is the first time I have encountered resistance like this.   Most of the grossing is done by a PA who actually does a nice job with the actual grossing, it's just using this screened cassette that we are unable to change.

Thanks for any opinions here.

Eileen Lonergan HT(ASCP)

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