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I'd like to learn more about this--
  Is this used with coverslips or like flo-tex (sp?) is used--poured over a slide?  What are the storage statistics (temp/humidity/longevity) and can we try it without breaking the budget or a patented UV source??

Instrumedics  wrote:
  I read the interesting review of mounting media by Tony Collins in Microscopy Today. I regret that CureMount, which is an Instrumedics product was not evaluated. 

was developed to have a refractive index that matches that of dehydrated and cleared frozen and paraffin sections. It contains a photocatalyst which makes it possible to "cure" the CureMount with 20 sec UV exposure .

The slide is "dry" and can actually be filed immedicatedly. The best part is that the optical properties in the light microscope make the background virtually invisible and the stained structures have greater clarity.

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