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From:"Joanne Mauger"

I tried in vain for many months to get a good tissue control. I used
the rat lung commercially available from Newcomer Supply to optimize. If
you think you see positive staining, look at 100X, under oil if need be
to confirm the tiny, rod shaped organism. Sometimes they look round. A
red chromogen may help you see it better.
The docs weren't convinced until I stained a case that had nice
scattered positivity. Now I guard that case with my life for control
tissue, but the rat lung stains positively every time. 
Look for old cases that were suspect for cat scratch,where the serum
tested positive, and stain the tissue. Hopefully you'll get lucky.
I use a 1:50 dilution with no retrieval necessary.It has worked well
with ABC, Dakos envision+, LSAB. 

Jo Mauger

>>> "Jennifer N. Cresor"  02/17/06 1:25 PM >>>
Our lab has purchased a catscratch antibody. We purchased a control
Bartonella henselae organisms. The control slide stains positive in
areas therefore not being able to see the organisms. We have tried
tissue also with no luck. Does anyone out there have some ideas to help
a control that works for us? Thanks!
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