Re: [Histonet] Tissue Processor Paraffin Temps for CAP Inspections

From:LuAnn Anderson

I do remember that you are required to use a 
separate thermometer which has been calibrated 
against a thermostandard and that temps from the 
digital readouts were not to be used. If you'd 
like, I can try to find where I read that.

At 03:22 PM 2/1/2006, Rene J Buesa wrote:
>   The digital thermometer in the VIP is not 
> only very accurate but the most expeditious way of checking the temperature.
>   Just prepare a log that include all your VIPs 
> and record the temperature once a day.
>   That is the way I did it, and never had problems with CAP inspectors.
>   Hope this will help you.
>   René J.
>Amy Porter  wrote:
>   If your willing to share - how are people 
> monitoring the temperature of paraffin baths on 
> tissue processors? Are you using additional 
> thermometers directly into the paraffin baths, 
> or just going by the digital read out on the 
> display for the (oven on a VIP) instrument? 
> Just curious how everyone is dealing with this 
> particular item. Thanks in advance for the many 
> responses and ideas I know I will get from asking this question!
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>Michigan State University
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