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Bouin's is acidic, so I would think that prolonged fixation could adversely
affect DNA/RNA, acrosomal staining.

We would fix in Bouin's for 4-6 hours and then transfer to 70% alcohol.

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I read the following topic on the histonet and had some questions.  Do you
find that prolonged fixation in Bouins > 24 hrs causes a decrease in
acrosomal staining in the testes?


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Here instructions for HE and PAS after Hotchkiss my Pathologists likes;) We
fix testis in Boiun for 24 hours, then transfer them to 70% ethanol in which
they can be kept as long as you wish. We do not rinse them several times in
70% ethanol. If you wish I can ask him more about satging when he returns
from Christmas vacation.

Hope this helpes you:)

I can send you also pictures of my stainings if you like to see the result.

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