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From:louise renton

depends on what you are looking for, perhaps the expression in bone is
very low and thus is not as apparent as in other cells. Certain of the
bone morphogens eg BMP3 are also expressed in Purkinje cells, as I am
sure are many other antibodies.  Perhaps a little more detail  as to
what yoyu are specifically looking at/for would be helpful

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On 2/9/06, Allen, Rhonda  wrote:
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> > Does anyone know if it could possibly take longer(or more concentrated
> > antibody) to stain the bone in a tissue section(mouse head, newborn
> > pup, not decalcified), vs. the other tissue components(brain, skin).
> > In order to get nice staining in the bone, seems like we are starting
> > to see background coming up in the brain.  Wondering if this is normal
> > for some antibodies.
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