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Anyone interested in helping at an NSH Symposium may contact Aubrey Wanner, NSH meeting manager, at

also, conference mottos are typically recommended to NSH by the local state committee that is hosting the conference. of course, there is no reason why histonetters could not make recommendations to the state society. the 07 conference will be in Denver Colorado.  contact the Colorado society if you have suggestions for motto (NOT the NSH office !)

Dallas was originally announced as the 07 conference site. The NSH board of directors recently voted to move the conference from Dallas because the space originally contracted for was insufficient to meet our current needs. Not to bore you with the details, but at one time we contracted 7-10 years out to increase our likelihood of getting the locations we wanted. however, growth in attendance at our conference over the past few years makes it impractical to plan that far ahead. we wouldnt want to have to turn any histotechs or vendors away who want to attend simply because we didn't have the space to accommodate them.


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I assume there are lots of volunteer opportunities for each national NSH symposium.  Would the people who run the next few events post a contact?  I would like to help and know a few others who can do the same--thanks in advance!!
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Gayle Callis  wrote:
  I think you will find NSH has already selected a motto for Phoenix meeting 
and did so well a long time ago.

The 2006 NSH S/C motto is Rising to Greater Heights.

Maybe Histonet should have this motto instead!???

At 05:21 PM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
>Vote for "Let's Go Histo"--*
> NSH's contact info:
> phone: 301-262-6221
>fax: 301-262-9188
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