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Hi Becky-
I operate a Histo/Path Anatomy placement agency (permanent staffing only but have done temp services) so let's see if I can help you with your current situation:
You are obligated to have them trained in all the things JCAHO requires (all those for which you train your perm employess)  and you need to have a file for each one in the same place you keep your regular employee records.  There are different ways to get there.  Some of the bigger agencies conduct this training by video and online reading when they contract the tech.  Talk to your recruiting contact at each agency.  Some of these people have been at other facilities as permanents and can provide proof from their own records or by requesting copies from their last employer.  Rarely an ex-employer won't share these records putting you back at square one.  Be careful with dates if these are annual training situations like safety and BBPathogens.  
Most facilities that regularly use temps bring them in on the hiring cycle and put them through a full orientation.  You DO pay for the tech's time but it's far more cost effective than a big hit from JCAHO or any of the other governing bodies requiring safety, BBPathogens, etc. If your HR has a mini-orientation that allows an employee to start 'off-cycle' but covers all the bases then that is the best way to cover all your requirements in the most cost-effective manner.  If your HR contact isn't sure and you have a nurse recruiter in your facility, this person will probably know in one phone call what you need to do to get your new temps up to speed.
Please consider that for some of this, training is site specific, and the care with which you orient these folks will come back to you in many ways as they will be better temps knowing you care enough to train them correctly and well.  I temped on and off for over ten years and there are labs where I stayed as a permanent because I was well treated and loved the job.  Most temps are consciencious professionals and great workers.  I hope you've been staffed with several of these as they really contribute and get you through the shortage with grace. 
Please let me know if you are seeking permanent solutions in your facility.  Our services are a fraction of the other agencies--I have a regular job and helping good techs and great labs find each other is a 'calling'  -- I've love to help.
Cheryl Kerry
Full Staff Inc

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Hi Everyone,
We are considering using a temp  agency to cover some short leaves and
maybe fill in PRN. 
What do you do with training and competency that needs to be done to
fulfill JCAHo?
What about the in-house hospital training? Do you adjust your training
to accommodate these temps?
In your experience, are the temp agencies  responsible for some of this

We are thinking a temp would need the same training as our staff.

Does anyone have experience they would like to share? I'd appreciate it.

Thank  you

Becky Orr CLA,HT(ASCP)
IHC Lead 
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

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