Re: [Histonet] Billing on Send-out Consultations

From:"Chris Pomajzl"

We usually bill the party requesting the second opinion (be that the
referring lab, pathologist, physician, patient).

>From what I understand, if the consultation is ordered by the physician,
then the patient can be billed. But if the pathologist is ordering the
consultation, it is the pathologist that is billed. I think that in these
cases, the pathologist will sometimes request the physician to order a
second opinion so that the patient can be billed. Not sure if this is
correct, but that is my understanding.

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From: "Nita Searcy" 
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Subject: [Histonet] Billing on Send-out Consultations

> Can someone give me some references regarding the above? (Consultations
> sent to other pathologists for second opinion/ verification).
> I know that the "receiving "entity bills  codes 88321; 88323; or 88325.
> How does the sending lab bill patient? Can they?  I have a pathologist
> that insists there must be a mechanism for billing these. I have
> received  conflicting answers. I need a document- reference  that
> verifies whatever is the rule.
> Thanks
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