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  I do not believe that this is the place for this type of post.  As I indicated to you in a private post, I personally do not believe that we here on the histonet can be considered "clients" simply because you have posted here or even if one of us has asked about a position.  I feel that the only people that you can consider "clients" are those who have signed up for your services either as an employer or employee that you have placed.  I find your post offensive and unprofessional.  You have every right to contact your true clients and elicit their support in your endeavors but I feel that posting here is inappropriate.  

Eric Dye  wrote:
  Hi Histonetters, I just wanted to give you a warning about Pam Barker/Relia Inc, and ask for your help.

Here at Ategra, we used to have an employee named Pam Barker. She resigned from Ategra last year (Jan 20 2005) and started her own company named Relia LLC.

Since she resigned we here at Ategra were alarmed to find that Pam Barker has contacted Ategra clients and candidates in violation of her non-compete agreement.

The court has agreed and has issued an Injunction (like a restraining order) against Pam Barker/Relia LLC. This Injunction (like a restraining order) specifically prohibits Pam Barker from contacting Ategra clients/candidates (including prospective clients/candidates) From Jan 05 2006 until Aug 8th 2006 (if not later)

Because I strive to keep Ategra's contact lists strictly confidential, I would like to ask a favor of you:

The favor I ask is this : if you have been contacted by Pam Barker OR Relia LLC if you could PLEASE LET ME KNOW ?

Your name will be kept confidential and no other involvement from you or your firm is necessary. All I need to know is the appx date she has contacted you.

Thank You in Advance For Your Help

Eric Dye, 

PS: If you have any questions about this, call me at 800-466-9919 ext 223

PSS: If you need to see a copy of the Injunction (restraining order) against Pam Barker, click here:

PSSS: I have openings for HistoTechs throughout the US. If you are thinking of a making career move, feel free to call me.

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