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From:Gayle Callis

We prefer to use normal serum blocking, with the serum matched to the host 
of the secondary and do not use BSA based blockers.  This has been 
discussed at great lengths on Histonet, check out Histonet 
Archives.  Blocking, per your question, is done many ways.

I suggest you do to the DAKO website, information and access the Handbook 
of Immunochemical Methods, Boesnish discusses various blocking agents, and 
you can download this wonderful freebie in pdf format.

You can buy superblocks ready to use from various companies, i.e.At 03:13 
PM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
>I have been looking through the protocols on some of the IHC databases for 
>blocking solutions.  Some of the recipes are fairly exotic (fish skin 
>gelatin?).  Is there a good simple blocking solution that can be used in a 
>variety of applications (primary/secondary)?  How about 1x PBS with 1% BSA?
>   Many thanks.
>   Glenn M. Krasinski
>   San Diego, CA
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