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First thing is to  check the temperature of the oven with a thermometer to make sure it is truly at 
60 C.  It is true that high heat in the oven can destroy antigenicity although the debate is still
out there of why doesn't the high heat of antigen retrieval destroy antigenicity but rather
improves it.  Anyways, another method of adhering sections to the slide without the use of heat
would be to use silanized slides (we use the ones from Dako) and allow to air dry over night at
room temperature.

Bob Meyer
Northwestern University

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Hi all,
Maybe you can give me some advice. I have been staining some bone tissue for alkaline phosphatase
using a Bone Alk Phos antibody.  I was getting reasonable staining until recently after I started
putting the tissue in a 60degree C oven to help adhere the tissue to the + slides. I was having
some trouble with the sections coming off. I'm now wondering if my problem is the heat on the
tissue making the AlkPhos inactive. Comments?
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