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Think rodent tissue can process on the 'hard' side. Wonder what makes it
'hard'? Is it that the bonds between the proteins are 'stronger' or the
proteins are 'nearer' together? I mean if we could figure out what made
tissue 'hard' molecularly then we'd know which the culprit in the processing

Sorry to ramble.

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Good afternoon,
  I'm working with mouse/rat muscle and trying to fine tune my processing
  My last run of muscle were very dry.  I have a copy of the NSH Animal
Processing Manual and trying to strike a balance between those listed on
page 5-6.  I've noticed most of the protocols do not call for heat or P/V.
The scedule I currently use is as follows: 1-70% (hold), 1-80%, 2-95%,
3-100%, 3-xylene all for 30 minutes each and at 38C with P/V.  3 paraffins,
45 minutes each at 55C with P/V.  I'm fairly new to research and still
trying to make the "mental" switch in handling the different tissue.
  Thanks everyone,

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