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Stephen, good luck to you. I hope that you find that histology becomes your passion.

in addition to the good advice offered by Barry and Gayle, I'd add that I occasionally run into students who seriously underestimated the effort required to master this subject. It is impossible not to be awed by the complexity of the human anatomy and physiology. if you do not devote sufficient time to reading and studying you will not be successful in this subject matter. Histology is our passion. Let it be yours by giving yourself the best chance to master it.


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I would read the relevant chapter before attending that lecture on the
I don't know which text you have been assigned there are several out

Some suggestions for books that help when you are a beginner.

National Medical series for Independent Study. Histology.  Ray C.
Henrikson, Gordon I. Kaye and Joseph E. Mazurkiewicz. 1997. Published by
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

A Learning System in Histology. CD Rom and Guide. Deborah W. Vaughan.
Oxford press. 2002.

We use Basic Histology a Text and Atlas. 11th edition. 2005. Luiz
Junqueira and Jose Carneiro. McGraw Hill. Comes with a CD ROM.


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Study and read!!

At 07:07 PM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
>My name is Stephen and I am an undergrad at Texas A&M Univ-Texarkana.
>taking histology this spring semester and am really enjoying it so far.

>Any tips on how to survive an undergrad histo course? Thanks
>   Stephen

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