RE: [Histonet] Public APOLOGY to the HistoNet (re: Asking for yourhelp ...)


I liked Kevin's response!!  Some good came of all this--one of my best histo-friends from Seattle and I have been looking for each other---she emailed me this afternoon as a result of this exchange :)
  We need a T-Shirt---I've gone HISTO!!!!

Ingles Claire  wrote:
  Gee, and we're worried about postal workers? We are all trained in the use of sharp objects and have access to infectious agents... Think of the havoc a bunch of techs would wreak if we all went "histo". Maybe we all need to get out of the noxious fumes more often. Smile, spring is coming soon. (I think)

Claire Ingles
UW Mohs Clinic
Madison WI


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