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From:"Thom Jensen"

Hey Lin,
Which arrayer are you using?  If you are using the Chemicon arrayer, their 
recipient needle is slightly bigger then the donor needle cores.  You will 
need to set the depth of each recipient hole to match the donor core.  If 
you are using the Beecher Instrument, then the donor core will fit snuggly 
in the Recipient hole unless you made the hole larger then the original hole 
on accident.  Which often happens when people are learning to punch.

If you are loosing cores from the array block while sectioning the array 
block on a microtome, then  the problem is you haven't set the punches well. 
  Put the finished array block in an oven on a glass slide (punch surface 
down on slide) at around 37 to 40 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes then press 
the glass slide and block together.  This smashes the paraffin around the 
cores so the cores stick to the paraffin in the array block.  If you don't 
do this step before you sections the array block the punches will fall out.  
This step is for both array instruments.

I hope this helps,


Thom Jensen

For more information of array instruction visit:

>Are there any hints to share on getting all the cores to stay evenly in the
>recipient block and to get sections without losing cores?
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