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We used to use this formula for general staining with Celestine blue but
came across a formula in the literature many years ago that gave us a
much more intense stain and also lasted a much longer time.
Sorry but cannot remember the reference.

>From memory so hope that this is correct. 
0.5 gms Celestine blue powder into a glass beaker.
Under the fume hood add 0.5 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid and mix
with a glass rod into a paste. During this time the mixture bubbles and
gives off fumes hence the fume hood.
Add 100 ml of 5% aqueous iron alum containing 14 ml of glycerin.
Mix well and filter.
This solution stains very rapidly to start with and staining time
decreases a little after that so you need to test it on sections for
half a minute when it is first made. 
A good way to test whether Celestine blue stains are past their useful
staining life is to swirl the solution around the bottle or flask and if
the solution fails to stick somewhat to the glass then need to make up a
fresh batch. 
Filter each time used.
We really liked this modification as the nuclear stain when using van
Gieson stain as it is not differentiated by the picric acid.

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I started using Celestine Blue in our method for Gomori's Trichrome & it
made a great improvement. I'm not sure why!
Put the slides in Celestine Blue for 2 min. before the Mayer's
Recipe is:
Ferric ammonium sulfate...........5.0 gm
Dissolve in distilled water.......100 ml.
Celestine blue....................0.5 gm
Boil for 3 min. to dissolve, filter, when cooled add-
Glycerin..........................14 ml
Stable for at least 6 months
(Carleton's Histological Techniques 4th edition  P.133)
Hope this helps.
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