RE: [Histonet] Can anyone explain or at least empathise?

From:Kemlo Rogerson

I've rationalised from the following standpoint;

When you are younger you usually have less to think about and therefore you
can focus your thoughts better. As you get older you have more to think
about and usually less time and your thoughts become unfocused. I mean my
son arranged perfectly easily to organise his snow boarding holiday but
fails regularly to pay his rent. 

I think when you get older you also care more about forgetting; damn where
are my glasses!!!

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Subject: [Histonet] Can anyone explain or at least empathise?

Hey Fellow Histonetters:
  I read all the postings on here and generally understand all of it, but
the more I read the more I realize I've forgotten more than I probably
remember. (I haven't done a muscle stain group in quite a while!!).  Does
anyone else feel this way???  (Yes, I've passed 40, I'm sure someone out
there can explain the mechanism of memory loss for me!!!)
  Thanks for slowing down the brain drain!!
  Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
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