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The aurine technic of PC Irwin was recommended by Lillie; page 534 of his
book Hitopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry.

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Subject: [Histonet] Aluminium in paraffin embedded sections 

We want identify Aluminium in paraffin embedded sections of fish spleen and
kidney for light microscopy. 
I found diferent techniques and want your advise about it.
I indicate the technique that seems easy to me:
(from Pearse, 1972)
Solution A . 0.2% solochrome azurine (aqueous)
Solution B. 0.2% solochrome azurine in normal sodium hydroxide
1. Take two sections to water
2. Stain one section in each solutions - 20 minutes
3. Wash in water
4. Counterstain in 1% neutral red - 5 minutes
5. Wash in tap water
6. Dehydrate through gradde alcohols to xylene
7 Mount in DPX

section stain with solution A - Aluminium and beryllium - blues
section stain with solution B - Beryllium - blue-black 

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide,

Lina Vieira
University of Algarve

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