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Hi all-
  As a 23 year tech, with ten years as a travel tech, I have worked with nearly all of the recruiters and headhunters, including those concerned in the recent discussions.  This concern with restricting access and bottom-line/assets is WRONG.  WE ARE NOT CATTLE.  We have the right to choose who we will and won't work with.  
  I've been a manager working 12 hour days because I couldn't find the right tech for my hospital.  I've been the tech looking for the next step in my career without the resources to find that needle in a haystack and know that I got the RIGHT job for my career and my family. Recruiters and headhunters do have a place in Lab Science.
  These are the EXACT reasons I started an agency--to help each tech who comes to me --to help them meet their professional and FAMILY goals--not to push them into the next available job or restrict their ability to work with a company that might be able to help them better than mine.  I even REFER my candidates to other agencies if I can't help them (including Pam when she was with Ategra because she is a good recruiter)!  
  I've had recruiters call repeatedly and try to push me into Med Tech jobs after I'd spent my time explaining that an HT/HTL is a TISSUE person: we don't do blood.  I've had calls asking me to do phlebotomy for $7 an hour....these agents weren't thinking of my needs at all. I've had calls from hospitals where I'd been submitted without my knowledge--they wasted that HR person's time.  
  Histonet is a place for sharing information to better our science--and to help each other be better techs.  If the recruiters and the headhunters get their heads set right --that their job is to help PEOPLE--both techs and people who need them, the rest will fall into place all by itself without the need for legal intervention.  
  Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now...thanks for listening :-)
  Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
  Full Staff Inc.
  Staffing the AP Lab by helping one tech at a time.
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