[Histonet] "MBS" in Luxol Fast Blue MBS


Hi, I had tried sending this message upon joining
histonet, but I didn't see it in the archive. That
could be why I haven't gotten a reply yet! Here it
is again:

Hi, I've been using luxol fast blue MBS for myelin
staining and would like to know what the acronym "MBS"

I have read many primary sources, such as articles by
Kluver and Barrera as well as Salthouse, and I have
performed internet searches with Google, all to no
avail (other than finding histonet!).

Thanks for your help!

p.s. Also, any explanations of the other acronyms used
     in luxol dyes (ARN, G and the "N" in MBSN) would
     be much appreciated!

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