[Histonet] What are peoples feelings on pre lablingslides?

From:"Stephen Peters M.D."

I want to thank all who responded to my question. These varying opinions all 
  make good points and seem quite valid. This is another example of the variability in
   in peoples methods that exist in the field of histotechnology. From a 
  medico-legal standpoint I think it would be valuable if practices such as these 
  were better defined so one could properly defend oneself when such a mistake
   finds it's way to the court room. In this situation of pre-labeling I will suggest to 
  my gang that they should only lable multiple slides for one specimen at a time especially if the two specimens are of the same tissue. 
  If nothing else  this reminds us of a potential sourse of error and as Rene and others mentioned  the responsibility of the tech in complying with QC measures and double checking these critical steps. Thanks again to all.

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