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From:"Osborn, Sharon"

	Some people's handwriting leaves room for misinterpretation or no
interpretation at all.  I have worked in  situations with performing the
hand labeling at time of cuttng the block; pre-labeling the slides the day
before from the blocks made; using the automated slide labelers, etc.  Due
to the handwriting problem, smearing of the labeling, etc.  I prefer the
machine labeled slides.  These can also serve as the permanent label since a
paper label is not needed. Plus, the machine labeled slides are another way
to decrease the repetitive motion problems we histology types are prone to
due to the nature of our work. As most people have pointed out, it is up to
the tech to double check the slide and the block.  There can still be
mis-labeled slides when done at the time of the cutting by transposing the
numbers, sloppy penmanship, etc.  It seems to be inherent in humans that
some mistakes will be made in the repetitive work such as this.  Some labs
have the slides and blocks matched again before sending out.  This is a time
consuming method, yes; however, it can provide that extra measure of
assurance that the slides are for the correct cases, etc.  Perhaps having a
percent of error for X number of specimens is to be considered appropriate.
	I realize that some techs/supervisors will disagree with me on
this...we need to provide a comfort level that techs are not uptight such
there is increased chance of labeling error due to the pressure to be
"perfect".  Knowing there is a check system of some type in place can
alleviate this and provide the extra measure of "law suit proofing" for the

Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA

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