[Histonet] Mouse tissue staining with monoclonal mouse Abs. Help with Vector Mouse on Mouse kit.

From:Guillermo Palao

  Dear all,
  I am working with mouse frozen sections of different autoimmune disease models, implying an important mouse IgG deposition in studied tissues (mouse kidney). For this reason we bought Vector Mouse on Mouse kit to avoid detection of deposited IgG by secondary antibodies while maintaining sensitivity for mouse primary antibody. After increasing concentration of blocking reagent as well as decreasing concentration of biotynilated anti-mouse IgG, there still is a "background" of positive staining of deposited IgG in renal glomeruli together with specific staining of antigens of interest. I would really appreciate any tips or ideas you might think helpful. 
  Thanks in advance,

Guillermo Palao, MD. Ph.D.
Laboratorio de Reumatología
Centro de Investigación
Hospital 12 de Octubre
Avda de Córdoba s/n
Madrid 28041

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